Faculty Advisors

Brian Thurow, Ph.D.

Dr. Brian Thurow is the W. Allen and Martha Reed Associate Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University.  He received his B.S. (1999), M.S. (2001) and Ph.D. (2005) from The Ohio State University. Dr. Thurow has taught classes in aerodynamics, propulsion, dynamics, light-field imaging, optical diagnostics, flow imaging, compressible fluid dynamics and turbulence.

Title / Role Aerospace Engineering Department Chair, Faculty Advisor
Address Aerospace Engineering Department
211 Davis Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849-5338
Phone: (334) 844-4874
Email: thurobs@auburn.edu

Eldon Triggs, Ph.D.

Dr. Triggs currently works as an Lecturer in the Aerospace Engineering Department at Auburn University. He teaches the Senior Launch Vehicle Design course series and Freshman Introduction to Engineering, ENGR 1110. Dr. Triggs is also responsible for the operation of the fabrication and advanced aerosystems laboratories. His extensive experience in composites and high powered rocketry greatly augments the design process for Auburn's Student Launch Team. Having completed numerous Level 2 launches, and being based in the college itself, Dr. Triggs serves as an ideal candidate for the team's Tripoli Rocket Association (TRA) and National Association of Rocketry (NAR) mentor.

NAR #99315 Level 2 / TRA #12159 Level 2

Title / Role Lecturer, Aerospace Engineering, Mentor
Address Aerospace Engineering Department
211 Davis Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849-5338
Phone: (334) 844-6809
Email: trigged@auburn.edu

 Team Leads

Lindsey Waggoner

Title / Role Project Lead
Address Aerospace Engineering Department
211 Davis Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849-5338
Email: lew0051@auburn.edu
Lindsey Waggoner is the student team leader for this year’s competition team. This is her fourth year on the team, having led the Testing Team the previous year, and a general member of the Recovery Team her freshman and sophmore year. Ben is also level one high power rocket certified through Tripoli Rocketry Association. TRA 18325 Level 1.

Tim Jordan

Title / Role Recovery Team Lead
Email: twj0009@auburn.edu
Tim Jordan is the Recovery Team Lead and this is his fourth year on the Auburn USLI team. He has spent all four years on the recovery team. He is also in the Auburn University Marching Band.

Dustin Harris

Title / Role Testing Team Lead
Email: drh0040@auburn.edu
Dustin Harris is a junior in aerospace engineering and the Testing Lead for the Rocketry Association. Over the past three years, he has been a part of the vehicle body team and the payload team, and is the resident 3D printing expert for the organization. Dustin also earned his Level 1 High-Powered Rocket Certification through the Tripoli Rocketry Certification.

Jack Kovryzhenko

Title / Role Embedded Systems Team Lead


Jack Kovryzhenko is entering his third year with the Embedded team and first year as the Embedded Lead. He expected to find a competitive, technically skilled team in the Auburn Student Launch team, but he found all that and more. Jack is also level two high power rocket certified through Tripoli Rocketry Association.

Carter Davis

Title / Role Payload Team Lead
Email: csd0022@auburn.edu
Carter Davis is the Payload Team Lead for this year and this is his third year on the team. He has served on the Testing, Recovery, and Payload teams in the past, fulfilling whatever role is thrown at him. Carter also has his level one high powered rocket certification through Tripoli Rocketry Association. TRA 18386 Level 1.

Grant Turner

Title / Role Educational Outreach Team Lead
Email: gmt0009@auburn.edu
Grant is the Educational Outreach and Certification Lead for this year’s competition cycle. This is his third year on the team following years spent on the payload team and the testing team. Grant is also level one high power rocket certified through Tripoli Rocketry Association.

Ryan Alles

Title / Role Vehicle Structures Team Lead
Email: rma0020@auburn.edu
Ryan Alles is the Vehicle Structures Team Lead for this year’s competition. After several years on the Vehicle Structures team, Ryan stepped into a leadership role due to his commitment and skill in handling composite material construction. He has been an active and reliable member on the team since joining four years ago.

Jackson Treese

Title / Role Safety Team Lead
Email: jtb0022@auburn.edu
Jackson Treese is the Safety Team Lead this year and has been involved with the team since he joined in his freshman year on the Recovery Team. He’s a mercurial fellow, having assisted with tasks across the project. This unique trait of his makes him especially well-suited to ensuring the safety of each aspect of the project.